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At bottom, robotics is about us. It is the discipline of emulating our lives, of wondering how we work. - Rod Grupen

Robotics at Schools is increasingly becoming a common phenomenon. The chance to think laterally and creatively that a program like Robotics provide is unparalleled. However, itís the sheer presence of a Robotics Laboratory that shall differentiate your school from the crowd.

What is a Robotronics Lab?
The Robotics Lab would introduce the participants to skills necessary to make complex Machine Designs, different programming paradigms and Robots from the kits that we provide.

This lab is equipped with an Interactive Sound and Light System (Robotronics Brain), Teaching Wall, Robotronics Classroom Bundle, Hippo Tool Rack etc. Robotronics Lab fits well into the CCE proposed "Scientific Skills" as a co-scholastic outcomes.

Robotronics Lab has been set up in schools like DPS International (Saket), Lancers International School (Gurgaon), GD Goenka (Agra) etc.

Components of a Robotronics Lab

Robotronics Trainings Included
Instructor Lesson Plans: The Robotics Lab would comprise of Lesson plans (in print as well as video CD format) capable of conducting all the three modules of 40 hours each. Additionally, a curriculum mapping document that maps NCERT concepts with the Robotics activities shall also be provided.

Teacherís Training: This package includes training of 3 teachers from your school. In the 3-day training teachers will be trained on how to utilize the tool rack, understanding of BuLo multi-product Robotics kit, troubleshooting and session management.

IRC Training: Inter School Robotics Challenge (IRC) is a nation-wide Robotics competition, where all the top Schools compete to win this coveted prize. Our training team would train a team of 4 students and five teachers to enable your school to perform well in the competition.