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ClassNOTIFY Services

Welcome to the forthcoming academic year.  Let us work together that this year may be a landmark both for you and your children!

The children’s safety and a seamless information system that allows you to be in constant touch with what your kid is doing in school has been a constant worry for us and I am sure that you too share this anxiety.  Each morning when your child goes to school, you want to know that he or she has reached safely and has entered the classroom.  How can the school and parents make sure that this happens the way we desire?

For many years we have been looking to do this for our parents and our children, but the Smart card system was an expensive proposition until we found this system that is gentle in cost and high in efficiency.  We feel immense pleasure in presenting to you a world-class technology that enables the safety and security of your child and keeps you updated about where your child could be, even while you are reading this piece of information. This technology known as “ClassNOTIFY – School Children Monitoring Message System”.

This ClassNOTIFY System can do the following for you:

AUTOMATICALLY inform you about the time of your child’s arrival in school and the time of his/her departure from school.

- The school can inform you about the test/ exams/ meetings/ holidays/ extra-classes/ educational trip/ fees & payments/ emergency school holidays to be made, etc.

- When tests happen the school can send you the evaluation/test reports of the students as well as any other information about your child’s behavior in the class, home -work, etc. in real time.

:  You (Parents) can view and track the school bus live using your mobiles phones. You receive voice call alerts for Expected Time of Arrival of school bus for PICKUP and DROP for respective bus stop.

: Schools can communicate to parents anytime of the day for urgent messages like emergency school closures, result date announcement, etc.

: Parents can be 100% sure their child has reached their school and not bunk their schools.

How does this happen?

  • Arriving/Leaving:  Each child wears a DigiConnect RFID enabled ID Card.  When they enter the school gate the hidden device at the gate detects the identity of the student and an automatic alert is sent to you without any human intervention. The same process happens when the child leaves and you come to know the moment the child has left the school gate.

  • Apparently this may look very HI-FI to you, but I think it is a good step to ensure the safety of your child in school and also to keep you informed about your child at all times. We have proposed this to you because we are getting it at a comparatively attractive cost.

  • This information is being sent to you as this service is available to you through your mobile phone.  Information about your child and what he or she does in school is vital part of your relationship with your child and an important necessity in today’s world.


The primary vision of the academic community is to encourage the intellectual curiosity and growth of their students through a stimulating and safe environment. We share this vision to enhance each student’s educational experience and peace of mind through the application of
seamless state-of-the-art technologies. Every morning, kids go to the school and parents go to work. We feel the need of a system that allows parents to be in constant touch with their wards while they go to their school.

Managing student accountability on daily basis is a mission critical task for all schools across the globe. With the influence of the media, increasingly busy parents and worst of all sheer peer pressure, the best of and the most disciplined child are coerced and influenced into school bunking. This is a very serious indicator for possible academic failure and truant students are at high risk for delinquency, drug and alcohol use and physical injury. Daily, school teachers across the world face pain and spend about 5 to 15 minutes of their valuable time to record and manage the daily attendances.

We feel immense pleasure in presenting to you a world-class technology that enables the safety and security of your kids and keep the parents updated about where their child could be, even while you are reading this piece of information.

This solution can be deployed as individual modules or a complete suite of applications for each student of the school. Options include: Bus Manifesting, Classroom Attendance, Access Control, Asset Tracking, Cafeteria Sales, and Library Attendance. DigiLogix addresses the key issue for student accountability through CLASSNOTFIY SERVICES which includes, “DigiConnect School Children Monitoring System”.

Each student wears Classnotify RFID Badge which has a Unique ID. When a child enter or leave the school premises, the RFID badge is read automatically by the RFID sensors and the Unique-ID is transmitted to our software. On receiving data, our software automatically and immediately sends instant alert SMS or Email to respective parent about their ward’s safe arrival & departure. The RFID badge provide extended read ranges, require little or no interaction from each student, and can be used for transportation, attendance, library, and cafeteria. The cards do not have any battery inside it and thus there is no question that it has to be replaced after one or two years.

The parent and school get to know about their child’s arrival and departure from school with exact date and time. Now, parents can be in great PEACE OF MIND using our system. Also, school can now entirely focus and concentrate only what they are meant for i.e. academics.

Students do not have to stop in queue, to slide card or show thumb one by one for recording attendance. Our system automatically records all attendance and everyday sends email. Our system can be integrated with the existing School Management Software. On daily basis, the absentees list is provided in individual classroom before the start of first period and at the end of the last period.


The DigiTraQ advanced AVL tracking (Automatic Vehicle Location) system provides reliable, cost-effective fleet monitoring and management. Combining GPS technology and wireless communication with an easy-to-use web-based management application, the DigiTraQ system ensures constant, on-demand access to fleet information at any time, from any place. . It allows fleet managers to improve driver safety, route management, fuel monitoring, and overall fleet productivity.

Real-time 24x7 GPS tracking; Nation-wide coverage; Single Screen Fleet Management
 -  Monitor over-speeding violations with timestamps; also getting real time alert for that
 -  TraQ-My-Bus : Just send an SMS to 56161 for example -  “LOCATE HR55 HT 8637” from any mobile -  Real-time present location, speed, and
    other details of vehicle arrive as reply SMS from 56161.
 -  Breakdown of school bus – Alert SMS to parents and school management for a particular route.
 -  Route swapping feature is under process and will be finalized by end of September 2011.
 -  RFID based Attendance facility from inside the bus in real-time basis.
 -  SMS or Voice Call for Arrival & Departure the same can reach the concerned parents.
 -  All student and route management from web based control panel. Parent can change their mobile numbers for SMS from same control panel.  - 
Parents can start & stop SMS services from their mobile.
 -  Parents can view the real-time location of their school buses either through Internet, Mobile Cell phone, LOCATE SMS, and LOCATE voice call
 -  View the vehicles from anywhere anytime – on internet via a password protected web site.
 -  Vehicle operating status, provided at each transmission, including ignition on/off, current speed
 -  Monitor all halts with exact time & duration and location of each halt
 -  Get mileage report with exact log of kilometers driven.
 -  View real-time location of your vehicles, via GIS map nationwide.
 -  Establish routes and rules to alerts, and/or report on route deviation.
 -  View comprehensive trip history for each vehicle/ View exact trace of route driven with time stamps
 -  Track mileage, track actual mileage through GPS @ + - 2%. Thus make timely maintenance check-up
 -  Generate a range of MIS reports - vehicle history, work-time, fuel usage, extra stoppage
 -  Time and extra idling, summary of entire fleet
 -  Geo fencing allows you to designate an area with a virtual fence. Alerts will be active if the vehicle is leaving/entering/not entering/not leaving a
    specified area.
 -  Programmable events can be defined to transmit and act on complex events e.g. Activating the horn and transmitting
 -  Gradual stop function is also available where the vehicle can be stopped by sending pulse to the immobilizer or fuel pump.
 -  Emergency button, support for emergency button to invoke SOS message to our control center.
 -  2 analog inputs each can be used simultaneously for two different tasks. e.g. with temperature sensors. Monitor critical vehicle status e.g.  -   -   -  Opening & closing of doors, AC, engine. All these features can be provided with total help of car manufacturing company service engineers. They
   have to take the responsibility of the cabling of wires.
 -  Voice communication with dialing handset. Not just a data terminal fully equipped with voice features.